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I received this from an 8 year old reader and it has become a favorite review because this is exactly why I write.


     Due to the configuration of the website the latest review is listed below. The writer of the review has become an acquaintance with the author, as the author currently works part -time at a Trader Joe’s between writing stints, and sees her frequently. An avid reader, her review is well received by the author as the book is no longer in print and she went out of her way to find a copy much to the author’s pleasure and surprise.

    Having discovered that Roy York was a writer after meeting him, I searched for his book online and stumbled onto a lovely short story called ‘The Fireside Restaurant’; worth looking into if you have the chance, which only fueled my determination to find the children’s book. What I found was a brief description of ‘The Garden Fairy’ and the charming Afterword he wrote for it. His way of writing about his grandchildren and his belief that “if you believe it, it is true” touched my heart and soul. I too, have a tender spot for children and mythical characters like fairies.

   When I was able to purchase a copy of his book I was not disappointed. The story is delightful. The tale is well detailed with just the right amount of asides about English gardens and family background/setup of the characters. It is suitable for small ones to hear and older ones to read, and let’s not cap older at childhood.

   The story flows and the energy builds as the tale unfolds and the children make plans. When you read the “the children had spent all day with the fairies, singing, dancing and hearing stories about Dragons and were not interested in the material gifts they had received’, you will wonder how to work that magic on children of your own.

   And the final note: “Smiling, she turned and walked into the house”, your heart will be filled with warmth and beliefs of your own. Oh, and I must not forget to mention the fitting and nicely drawn illustrations, done by the author himself, which add much to the book.

   All told, a magical tale that I would highly recommend, especially for Christmas Holiday reading. 

Nan R.  -   2016

                           “I was  very impressed with the way the author took the reader through the tale, so both young and old could enjoy it.  York created a nice anticipation as to how the children would "save" the fairies and actually presented a very realistic and plausible solution.  I was pleased how Grandma recollected her experience as  a child and loved, LOVED, LOVED the last paragraph.  Well done!


                                                                                                           ..........Randy Pote

                                                                                                         Centennial ,Co./Las Vegas, NV

What was intended as a quick and light read, turned into a delightful, reflective novelette that I hated to see end! A taste of the book to come left me with “Oh no!” When will I get the next book!?! I especially appreciated the history of how this book and the future sequels came to be. What an inspiration to take a life threatening illness and turn it around to become a lesson of life and the beginning of a shared adventure. The Fairy Garden begins simply enough when suddenly you find yourself contemplating and remembering yourself as a child and looking at the adult you have become. Subtly and gently Mr. York reminds each of us that miracles are real and we should remember to “Always Believe”.
My only thought now is: I wish Mr. York had more grandchildren!
                                                               .............Cherie Ward, Las Vegas, NV

From an review

     This beautiful little book is destined to become a Christmas time classic. The well written narrative tells you the story in a warm and personal way, as though you were sitting at grandma's knee. This heirloom quality work will be enjoyed by every member of the family for years to come and will become a part of your family's personal Christmas time tradition.

Mr. York has a way with words and knows how to immediately draw the reader into the world he presents here.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Garden Fairy, December 3, 2011

Virginia Llorca "Virginia Llorca" (Northern Illinois) -

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