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The Garden Fairy is finally here.   To find out how and where to buy it, click on the Book Cover.

The Garden Fairy is intended for children of all ages, but aimed primarily at 7-12 year olds, and for parents and grandparents to read aloud.  They will enjoy it as much as the kids; maybe even more than the children will.

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     RM York, author of The Garden Fairy promises that children of all ages will discover that there are indeed, such magical creatures as garden fairies, dragons, and unicorns inhabiting his books, along with a host of other so called Mythical Folk who inhabit a world of enchantment, magical powers, and sometimes dark, forbidden secrets.

      Come on in and look around, rest a spell - no pun intended - and take a peek at the imagination of a long time dreamer who wants to inhabit your world with his vision of that magical land of the garden fairy and all their wonderful and not so wonderful kinfolk.

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